The faulty light of my intrusion alarm system is on, what should I do?

Premièrement, il faut identifier le fabriquant de votre système d’alarme. Les plus populaires sont Paradox et DSC. Dans votre manuel, il y a une section défectuosité, qui vous explique quelle est la défectuosité en question. Les plus courantes sont la batterie, la perte de communication avec la centrale, la perte de la ligne téléphonique et la perte de l’électricité.

How long does a battery last in an alarm system?
The average life of a battery is 5 years with normal use. The more it is solicited, the less its life span will be. We recommend changing it at least every 5 years, because a weak battery will cause your system to malfunction.
The siren has been ringing for a very long time!
This is a myth; sirens are usually programmed to ring for 6 minutes and are programmed by your installer. Very rarely does an installer exceed 10 minutes of ringing unless there is a special request.
The siren stopped ringing when I arrived, why?
The sirens are programmed to ring for 6 minutes and are programmed by your installer. Very rarely does an installer exceed 10 minutes of ringing unless a special request is made. So, after this cycle, it stops, but the alarm is still stored and processed by your alarm system.
Why a central alarm system? My neighbors will hear my siren.
If your siren is faulty and the neighbors are away or inside, the control panel is still notified. The control panel receives your signals for several small things, obviously alarms, but also openings and closings, and malfunctions. The purpose of a siren is to let the thief know that your system is armed.
I no longer have a phone line at home, what are my options?

We can communicate with the control panel via the Internet from your home, an IP module is required on your alarm system. Communication via cellular waves is a very secure option that is recognized by your insurance company. A cellular transmission module is added to your alarm system.

Can we use the same key everywhere?
Yes, it is possible to adjust the keys for different locks as long as they are compatible. To verify this, simply insert your key into the lock and if it fits, it is compatible.
Can I have a master key system for my apartment building?
Yes, as long as the locks are compatible: a master key is the key that will unlock all the locks and each tenant will have their own key.
It is difficult to insert or extract my key from the lock.
Solution: you can put some lubricant like PL100 or WD40, if the problem persists, you have to undo the lock and bring it to us. We can also come to you.
My number lock is not working properly.
Check the batteries, make sure they are alkaline batteries. Check that there is no resistance (a worked door) for example, try the lock with the door open. A sudden change in temperature may cause it to fail, so it is recommended to take the key. If necessary, we can check it in store or come to your home.
I have difficulty locking and unlocking my house door.

Possible cause: Worn lock, worn keys, or the door has moved.

Possible solutions: Try locking it with the door open, if it works well, it's an adjustment in the framing, otherwise undo the lock and bring it to the store. We can also come to you.

Are you able to re-key a lock that I no longer have the keys to?
Yes, simply bring us your lock and we should be able to re-key it.
Can we just change the keys to a lock, or do we have to change everything?
If you have just moved, it is not necessary to change everything unless the locks are outdated. It will cost you much less to change just the keys and it can be done in a few minutes.
Do you have keys that no one can reproduce?
Yes, we have keys that only the authorized person(s), whose name is on file, can duplicate. This is a great way to know exactly who you gave your keys to and it is an extremely durable lock system.
Can you repair my handle?
It depends on the model, sometimes we can replace a part, sometimes not. It is best to go to the store for a better assessment.
Do you have parts to repair patio door handles?
Since we have a huge inventory of models, we do not carry parts for this category of handles.
Do you make car keys?
Yes, for most models, however we do not have all the transponder technologies and we do not have any models with a remote control.
Do you program keys that come from the internet and the dealer?
No, because they are not compatible with our transponder cloning machines. However, we can cut most of them.
Do you make keys for car doors without transponders?
Yes, no transponder is needed to unlock the doors and the trunk.
My ignition lock for my car won't turn.

Possible causes: key wear, ignition wear, needs a good cleaning.

Solution to the problem: Have your garage remove your ignition and bring it to the store. It is also possible to make new keys from a key code, for more information, contact us.

Can I have the same key everywhere for locks?
Yes, it is possible, as well as to have a master key. The identification of each key and the engraving of the locks is also possible.
Do you have fireproof safes?
Yes, we have several models of safes. It is best to stop by the store to discuss your needs and determine which safe is best for you.
Do you offer lock maintenance services?
Yes, a good annual maintenance for your locks, padlocks, or door hardware will allow them to function properly for many years.
Do you install doors?
No, it is better to contact people qualified in this field. We install locks, handles, latches etc...
Do you have doorbells?
No, you can find this kind of item in supermarkets.
Can we refill a door closer that has lost its oil?
No, unfortunately they are not designed to be refilled. When you notice that the closer has lost its oil, you must change it.
Why don't my duplicated keys work?
It is always best to duplicate your keys from the original. In some cases, the person no longer has the key, we try several techniques that sometimes work, but the best solution is to bring the lock in question so that we can recode the lock with the actual keys.
Can we pay an invoice by phone, credit card, bank transfer, etc.?

Yes, you can contact us at the store for payment by credit card or send an email to our accountant comptabilite@serrurierclement.com

Do you do installations on weekends?
Only for emergencies.
Are you open during lunch time?
Yes, but with a reduced staff. For all repairs we suggest that you come in before 11:30 a.m. and after 1 p.m.
Do you provide emergency services?
Yes, always. Travel costs may vary.
Do you travel to any location?
We can travel within a large radius, there will be a charge based on mileage. Contact us for more information.

If you have any questions, contact us and we will be happy to advise you.