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Sécurité Serrurier Clément, an inspiring story of a passionate, dynamic and visionary team that has been providing expert services for over 75 years.

Lionel Clément became the owner of a shoe repair shop located on Ste-Cécile Street. To meet the needs of some of his customers, he bought an assortment of keys. He regularly travels to repair and solve home lock problems.
The locksmith's business expands, the shoemaker's shop closes, and the business becomes Serrurier Clément.
Jacques Laperrière starts working for the company and learns the locksmith trade. As an enthusiastic and ingenious young man, he dreams of becoming the owner of the business.
Lionel Clément retires and Jacques Laperrière becomes the owner.
Luc Salembier, project manager in electronic security, joins the company. With the arrival of this young dynamic worker, a new expertise in electronics and technology is added.
Aware of the growing market demands, Jacques Laperrière opens a small office on Alexandre Street to offer a second service location to the population.
Visionary and innovative, Jacques realizes the potential and the expansion that the business could undergo and forms a partnership with Luc Salembier. That same year, the business opened its doors at 86 Alexandre Street, the current location of the business. It is from this moment on that the company innovates in an exponential way, specializing in high technology and electronic services.
Dominic Montpetit, with a background in management, and Sebastien Rousseau, senior technician, and graduate in electronic security, are added to the team of directors.
After more than 40 years of loyal service, Jacques retires from the management team. Benoit Salembier, son of Luc, senior technician, and graduate in electronic security, becomes a partner of the company.
Serrurier Clément becomes Sécurité Serrurier Clément; thus, the name of the company reflects more accurately the numerous security services offered to the population, both residential and commercial.
Today, Sécurité Serrurier Clément has a team of close to 20 qualified employees, dedicated to offering quality services and high-performance products at the cutting edge of technology.
To safely protect your home and/or business, for a fast and reliable service, do not hesitate to contact us or come and meet us at 86 Alexandre Street.

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